About Me

    I was adopted and raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and lived there for most of my life. My passion for photography came when I was 14 years old and had the opportunity to travel to Italy. At the time, all I had was an old Nikon Coolpix and I knew little about how to take impressive pictures or work a camera. But something happened, I couldn't stop. Every street, corner, alley way, building, person. I wanted to capture every moment. It gave me a feeling that I was fully living in the present. I had found my passion. Since then, I have been chasing and challenging that feeling everyday.                                                            

   When I was 19 years old and just finished my first year at College for professional photography, I remember feeling trapped. I needed to get out. I reached out to an old family friend and she gave me the opportunity to travel to Vietnam with a medical aid organization as their photographer and assistant. I was so thrilled, I quit school, worked as much as possible for 1 year, and finally came to Vietnam for the very first time. Once in Vietnam, I was in love. The people, scenery, culture, food, smells, language, I felt that it was calling to me. I decided that I would not go back to school in the US and would attempt to start my business as a freelance photographer here in Hoi An, Vietnam.